Alpha is Here!

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Welcome!    Thanks for taking an interest in our Alpha course.


Alpha offers:

* an opportunity to learn more about the person of Jesus,
* an opportunity to explore with others what is important to them
* a relaxed, no-pressure environment in which to consider the big questions in life.


Who is it for?

* People who have some Christian faith already and people who have none.
* People who already know something about Jesus and people who do not.
* Church goers and non-church goers alike.



What does it entail?

Each evening starts at 7pm and begins with a meal, followed by a brief talk and conversations at your table. The sessions will run each Wednesday evening from 27 September until mid-December.

What are the talks about?

The talks are short introductions into the big topics.  Talks include:

Is there more to life than this?
Who is Jesus?
How can I have faith?
Why and how do I pray?
Who is the Holy Spirit? 

When does it start?


Wednesday 27 September at 7pm


Where is it taking place?


St Elizabeth Hall, Exeter Street, Salisbury SP1 2SG

What's the commitment?

There is no obligation – we are inviting you to 'taste and see'.
Come along to the first few evenings and see if there is anything that sparks an interest, raises questions or if you simply like the company and the food! 
You do not have to contribute to the meal or conversation if you do not want to.  The evenings will conclude at 9pm and there will be no ‘follow-up’ if you decide it’s not for you at any stage.


Still interested?


Great! Contact us to let us know…. 

We need to know who’s coming to the first session so that we make enough food!

Phone  01722 502503

If you’ve not made up your mind yet and decide on the night to just come along, you will be made welcome – we may not have enough food if lots of people do this but you WILL be welcome to join in!