Justice and Peace



“This is what the Lord asks of you, only this: that you act justly, that you love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

Micah 6:8



The Salisbury Justice and Peace group was formed by a small group of interested parishioners following the showing of the film ‘Amazing Grace’ in 2009.  Since then the group has met monthly/bimonthly to look at ways to raise awareness of Justice and Peace issues within our local Catholic churches: looking at: poverty, social inequality, peace, green issues, justice issues related to migrants & asylum seekers, supporting CAFOD, etc.



Bernie Thorne

01722 327388

Graham Herbert

01722 333873

Sylvia Weston

01722 336581


Previous Events

  • A ‘Chocolate’ evening based on the Panorama programme about the use of child slave labour in the growing of chocolate. Fairtrade produce available after film.
  • A talk on the role of a prison chaplain by Kath Smith
  • Placing of information in the church newsletters about South Wilts Credit Union and the Christians Against Poverty charity
  • A talk by Mary Colwell on environmental matters
  • A talk by Fr Richard McKay from St Nick’s Church in Bristol on ‘Good News for the Poor in Inner Cities’ and the work and outreach at St Nick’s regarding asylum seekers
  • Burma film evening and talk
  • Showing of the film 'Oscar Romero’
  • Showing of parts of the film ‘The Corporation’ with discussion


Planned future events

  • A Fairtrade Fashion Show in Fairtrade fortnight
  • Cafod quiz fish & chip supper night in Lent


Charitable donations

  • Anti-slavery International donation
  • CAFOD £73.08
  • Borderlands charity £100
  • Prospect Burma £ 239