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St Osmund's - The Name

Osmond comes from an Old English name, Osmund, meaning “God Protect,” from “os” (god) and “mund” (protect).
Brief History:
Osmund was a common Anglo-Saxon name found in the early Middle Ages among the three main ethnic groups in England: the Anglo-Saxons (as Osmund), the Norse (as Asmundr) and (after 1066) even the Normans (as Osmond). The Normans were especially fond of the name as it belonged to St. Osmund, one of their own.
Alternates: Osmund.
Latin: Osmundus.
Scandinavian: Åsmund.
Surnames: Osman, Osment, Osmint, Osmon, Osmand, Osmund, Osmond.
Famous Bearers:
St. Osmund (d1099): A bishop of Salisbury, nephew of William the Conqueror, and an important figure in early  Norman England. Canonized 1457.  Osmund also assisted the king in assembling the massive census which became the Domesday book.
Patron Saint for medical conditions: Toothache, rupture, paralysis, and madness.