Catechist Course

The Art of Catechesis

Formation Course for Catechists and all Parishioners wishing to understand more about the work of catechesis.



Thank you for your interest in this new on-line formation course. What follows is an outline of the course and how you will be able to access it.


The course consists of nine sessions


  • Art of Catechesis – Catechesis, Evangelisation and Beyond              Sarah Adams
  • RCIA as a model for catechesis                                                          David Wells
  • The mystery of God – the Trinity an invitation to Communion         Gavin D’Costa
  • The Word of God – the narrative of God’s people                            Fr. Nick King SJ
  • The Sacraments, the Eucharist and the Liturgy                                  Mary Crowley
  • The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery                                              Fr. Tom Dubois
  • Prayer and Catechesis                                                                        Avril Baigent
  • Working with Parents and Accompaniment in Catechesis                David Wells
  • The Vocation of the Catechist                                                            Hannah Vaughan-Spruce.



Each session has or is in the process of being recorded. Tutors for the course have recorded either three or four short videos for their lecture.



Live Conversation and Forum


One week following the release of the session there will be a live session with the speaker during which time there will be the opportunity for a conversation on the subject that has been presented. 


There is a forum into which participants can respond to the questions offered at the end of each video. These will be accessible to all participants and provide people with the opportunity to continue the discussion.


Introductory Prayer


Each session will also have a Power Point which will contain a time of prayerful reflection prior to watching the videos. We encourage everyone to use this as a way into the topic they are about to explore.


Additional Resources

Each session will also have a PDF attached with questions and recommendations for additional reading.


Completion of the Course


All participants who complete the course with an 80% minimum participation rate will be awarded a Certificate of Participation by the Department for Adult Education and Evangelisation.


All participants who attend all sessions, including at least five live conversations and contribute to the forum will, on the successful completion of a small assignment, will be awarded the Bishop’s Certificate for Catechesis.




Participants who wish to achieve the Bishop’s certificate will be required to provide an assignment on an area of interest relating to the course. This can take the form of one of the following:


  • an essay on a chosen subject of interest relating to the course (no more than 1000 words)
  • a power-point or video presentation on some aspect of the course
  • a reflection on the impact the course has had on them in relation to their own faith life and ministry 750 – 1000 words
  • A medium suggested by the participant and agreed with the course facilitator



Accessing the Materials.


A special page on the website has been set up for the course which only participants will be able to access via a password. You will be encouraged to change the password to something only you know and is memorable.

For those who have signed up the address is: The content will be available only from 12:00 on Wednesday 28 October.


Instructions regarding access to this will be sent out to all who sign up for the course in the week before the course starts.


Please direct any questions regarding the content of the course to: [email protected]


Please direct any questions regarding access to the website to: [email protected]


Please direct any general enquiries to:

[email protected]