Justice and Peace

If you have a heart for justice and peace work in our parish and beyond and would like to join the Salisbury Catholic Justice and Peace group,  click here for more information  or contact Graham on 333873.


Member of Parliament

Do question your MP as to what the Goverment are doing both here and abroad. For the Salisbury constituency the MP is John Glen :  

Tel: 020 7219 2675

Email: john.glen.mp@parliament.uk


The Morrison Hall, 12 Brown Street, Salisbury, SP1 1HE

Tel: 01722 323050

Fax: 01722 327080

 you are outside Salisbury and don't know your MP please click here


Support Campaigns

Where possible support campaigns run by authentic charities who are in this field.



If you have the time and energy why not volunteer your time to a chosen charity.



Help the Justice and Peace group in our community to raise funds for a charity that are active in this area.


Buy Slave Free – Be a smarter consumer.

1. Buy Fair Trade

Products labelled "fair trade" are produced in an ethical manner, which include fair labour conditions, fair prices, community development and environmental sustainability.

2. Reuse and Recycle

Our consumerism drives a lot of the economic motivation behind slavery. We want cheap goods, so businesses secure free, slave labour to cut labour costs. Unless we begin shopping differently, nothing will ever change. 

3. Support Companies with Transparent Supply Chains

Big businesses are afraid of exploring their supply chains for fear that they'll discover something that will get picked up in the media. Begin following companies that are taking the plunge and moving towards slavery-free operations

4. Buy Survivor Made Goods

Empowerment is the final stage of restoration for human trafficking survivors.


For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear,

but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, “Abba, Father!”- Romans 8:15