Lord and Saviour, bless us with holy priests. Through their ministry may your life-giving presence in the sacraments be always present in your Church.

During the month of July, we are praying for our Seminarians.

What is a Seminarian?

A seminarian is a man who is discerning the Lord’s call to the Roman Catholic priesthood. The seminarian hears the Lord speaking to him and calling him to a fuller participation in the priesthood by becoming a priest of Jesus Christ. While the priesthood has many elements that make it like a job, it is primarily a vocation: a calling from the Lord. The seminarian then needs to be open to hearing the Lord’s call in his life and be eager to respond to it.  The years spent in seminary can be challenging in many ways and it is very important that we support seminarians with our prayers.    During the month of July, we are joining together in prayer for all seminarians but especially for those who have been raised in our midst.  We think especially of Thomas and Albert Lawes who are currently studying at St John’s, Wonersh and English College, Rome respectively and all from Salisbury who are currently discerning a call to the priesthood.

Lord Jesus, you called chosen men to be with you; to preach the good news of salvation and to have authority over the powers of darkness. Send your Holy Spirit upon the men you have chosen for the priestly ministry. May they answer your call and follow you with generous hearts.


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of Salisbury

Prayer for Vocations

Heavenly Father, in your plan for our Salvation you provide shepherds for your flock. Look with love and favour on our Homes and Communities. May the Holy Spirit inspire and raise up among us worthy Priests, Deacons, and Religious to care for your flock, minister at your altars, to be ardent but gentle servants of the Gospel and inspiring witnesses to your Kingdom.

Lord, we ask you to receive our prayer which we make through your Son, Jesus Christ.


A Memo to Myself

I have a vocation from God. If I already know what it is, I pray to be faithful.
If I am still searching, I pray to hear God’s voice and to respond generously.




Prayer for Priests

Lord Jesus, the ministry of priests is a sign of your unfailing care.
Call from among us the priests needed for the Church of today and tomorrow.
Bless all students for the priesthood.
Grant them joy, wisdom, courage and a generous spirit.
Sustain priests with a real sense of your love and the support of those they are called to serve.
Keep them faithful to their calling.