For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well. [Psalm 139: 13-14 ]

May Prayer Intention

In this, our Diocesan Year of Prayer we are dedicating each month to particular prayer intentions, as suggested by parishioners.  During the month of May we are praying that the sanctity of life – from conception to natural death will be respected and protected.

For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honour Mary, Mother of God and so, when a Pro-Life prayer intention was suggested by parishioners, it seemed appropriate to allocate this intention to the month of May.  Mary was the one who said ‘Yes’ to Life. "You will conceive and bear a Son," the angel Gabriel told Mary and, despite the surprise and the uncertainty about how this could be, Mary said yes: "Be it done unto me according to your word."

We are grateful to parishioner, Alison for suggesting materials and prayers for this page and hope that you will find them helpful for reflection and prayer.  If you would like more information about Pro-Life prayer and activities in our parishes, please contact Alison on 01722 741681.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Life,
We honour you as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Thank you for pointing us to Jesus your Son,
The only Saviour and hope of the world.

Renew our hope in him,
That we all may have the courage to say Yes to life,
And to defend those children in danger of abortion.

Give us your compassion
To reach out to those tempted to abort,
And to those suffering from a past abortion.

Lead us to the day when abortion
Will be a sad, past chapter in our history.

Keep us close to Jesus, the Life of the World,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.


Lord, may we always praise You and  thank you for the gift of life.

Your Spirit - the Breath of God keeps us alive and prays within us.

Help us to encourage others to recognise Your presence within them and around them.

May you be recognised in a special way as a baby in its mother's womb; in the disabled; in the elderly and confused.

Lord, may they all be alowed the Daily Bread of Life, Love and Concern.

We make our prayer through Christ in whom we live and move and have our being.


Prayer for the Unborn 

Ever-Living God, you made the Blessed Virgin Mary the new Eve and Mother of All who live, and your eternal Word took Flesh in her womb, making her into a Sanctuary for Life itself;

Through intercession, grant that all unborn children, like St John the Baptist, may leap with joy in their mother's wombs;

Through her merits, give to all expectant mothers the virtues and graces they need so as to become, like Mary, living sanctuaries for new life;

And through her prayers, bestow on us your help and protection in order that we might also be faithful bearers of your Word, prudently proclaiming the Gospel of Life in what we say and what we do.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Those in need of our prayers:

  • For those who facing a crisis pregnancy at this time,
  • For families, that they are supported and remain open to the gift of life,
  • For women seeking healing after an abortion,
  • For medical staff, that they uphold the principles of care at every stage of life,
  • For those grieving the loss of a child during pregnancy,
  • For women and family struggling with infertility,
  • For fathers of children lost to abortion,
  • For the Church, that its witness for life touches the hearts of all people,
  • For women and families expecting a child at this time,
  • For political leaders, that they uphold the sanctity of life in just laws,
  • For the end of abortion in this country,
  • For all children whose lives were lost to abortion.     

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