Update on Live-Streaming


As you know, the service went live last weekend and I have been receiving wonderful feedback from parishioners who have joined us online for Mass.  Some feedback has been of a technical nature and we are very grateful for this.  As a result of this feedback we have now retuned the service to allow better streaming to more remote locations/those with slower broadband speeds.   Please keep your feedback coming in - we are very interested to hear who is using the service and what impact it is having.


Statistics for our first week - we have had 829 unique viewers visit the site (broken down below by country).  Last Sunday, 53 unique viewers stayed with the stream for one hour of more (ie joined us for an entire Mass) and on Monday morning 23 unique viewers ‘tuned in’ for an hour or more.  On Wednesday, we held the funeral of Joan Stevenson RIP and it was wonderful to see that we had 40 viewers tuned in for the entire Requiem Mass.  How wonderful that people near and far can now ‘join’ online with the funeral of someone dear to them, even if they cannot be there in person. 


Viewers broken down by country:


Argentina: 1   Australia: 7   Brazil: 1   Canada: 10  China: 5    Croatia: 5   France: 1  Germany: 14             

Guernsey: 5  Hungary: 1   India: 6     Ireland: 134  Italy: 1  Japan: 3   Kenya: 1  Malaysia: 1  Malta: 2   Nigeria: 1

Poland: 7   Portugal: 1  Romania: 3   Russia: 11  Singapore: 3   Spain: 2   Switzerland: 1      Trinidad: 1

Tunisia: 1  Ukraine: 1   United Arab Emirates: 1   United Kingdom: 491   United States: 106


Help is available

Please recommend our Church TV to your friends and neighbours who are housebound or unable to get to Mass. Do remember, that we have parish volunteers who are DBS checked and are able to visit parishioners in their homes to teach them how to use and access the service. 


If you require any further information or support contact our Outreach Worker, Caroline Williams on 01722 333581

outreach@salisburycatholics.org  or Tony Peters-Ennis on 01722 500653 tony.petersennis@hotmail.com