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Following and worshiping a living Trinitarian God who loves each and everyone of us unconditionally, who equips us to serve others beyond all limits, who daily calls us deeper to His merciful heart and leads us to a place of wholeness and unity.







“God came out of himself to come among us, he pitched his tent among us to bring to us his mercy that saves and gives hope. Nor must we be satisfied with staying in the pen of the 99 sheep if we want to follow him and to remain with him; we too must “go out” with him to seek the lost sheep the one that has strayed the furthest.”     Pope Francis 

Welcoming everyone to come together to experience a life in which we support and encourage each other to grow in our and spiritual gifts.







Learning and developing skills and qualifications for life and for ministry. Training and courses are focused on providing the future church with capable  and equipped adult leaders with a heart for Jesus.