Rule of Life



Daily Holy Hour – Our time given to prayer is more essential than any other aspect of our community life. This means as a community it has to take priority over everything else we do. God has called each of us to mission here in this house and in this Parish.

The morning and evening prayer times and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament therefore is essential before we utter a word outside of it. As a community it holds us accountable to each other ensuring we give this time to the God who waits patiently to embrace us.


Sacraments –  Daily mass attendance and monthly confession will ensure that we are vessels of God’s grace, pouring out from an abundantly fed spring and not a dry well. “The whole liturgical life of the Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the sacraments.” – CCC 1113


Our Lady –  Community prayer times will include praying with scripture, The Rosary (an “epitome of the whole Gospel” CCC 971) and deepening devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There will be an annual Marian Consecration for all those involved with the Project.


Fasting –  Along with the rest of the church we will fast from meat on Fridays but in addition the community will agree how best they want to embrace this form of prayer. Grace comes from freely choosing how and to what extent.

Praise –  We aim through our service and prayer to make worship a lifestyle. Whether we sing, write, draw or offer silence. If we sit in a coffee shop, pub or school classroom we are to offer it as a continual prayer of praise through the power of the Holy Spirit.




Speech –  The use of up building speech is a desirable virtue and habit. It takes practice especially if our humour has always been based on sarcasm or gossip. This is a very destructive trait. How often have you heard someone running another down and wondered what they say about you when you leave? Even things that may appear funny can be hurtful in the wrong context or even dangerous. Our job is to build people up not to tear them down.

At all times and occasions try to encourage, lift and esteem. This makes you a nicer person to be around, a trustworthy friend and a beautiful witness in a world where positivity is much forgotten.


Chastity –  We ask Missionaries to commit to not having romantic relationships during their time in service with us. This is a time for your personal formation, you will take the fruit from this into your future vocation, whatever that may be, your focus should be on learning to love everyone in a Holy  and chaste way. Relationships are to be formed as strong friendships centred on Christ. We first learn to love like Christ.


Trust, trustworthiness and reliability- For the good of the missionary community we have to choose to trust as well as to be trustworthy, none of us are perfect but how we deal with situations that could cause division is of huge importance in our mission and our lives as Christians.


We therefore….

a. Choose to believe the best in each other,
b. To always offer the opportunity for explanation without prior judgement.
c. To always defend in situations where others are doing otherwise
d. If the situation isn’t satisfied and distrust persists then it must be brought to the House Mother, team leader or director.

e. I will do as I have said I will do, and if unable to, correct or inform as soon as possible.
f. I will be realistic in what I can promise to do.
g. I will acknowledge and apologise for the times that I fall down.


Dealing with Conflict –  Conflicts and issues will always arise where people are together for any length of time. This can be a huge
opportunity for growth and grace if handled quickly and well. We are called to love all people in our community, to reconciling quickly,
and to forgive as often and as completely as God forgives each of us.
In times of difficulty or conflict we commit to….
• Pray about it first.
• Look honestly and accept our own part in the conflict.
• Commit to loving the person before initiating any conversation.
• Speak one-on-one and focus on the issue, not the person.

We then;
• Accept responsibility for the offence and commit to making it right.
• Thank the person who approached you for caring enough to help you grow in virtue.
• Pray together that God may be glorified as both of you resolve to grow through this.


Hospitality – 
House Community – Each person we encounter is a God given opportunity for our hearts to grow in likeness to the Holy Trinity. We cannot be love without a beloved. This starts with our fellow missionary brothers and sisters. God is the Master of this house therefore each of us is His guest and should be treated with the respect and dignity of that. Jesus washed feet, he came to serve. As we strive to become more like Him then it follows that we may take each other’s plates out to the kitchen, offer to assistance with chores around the house, offer help and go the extra step if not the extra mile for one another. This
display of love is the biggest witness we can offer to the world.


Wider community – All people are invited to join our times of prayer, which is the core of our communal life. Our aim is to create a family. A home where our wider family, the parish are not only welcome to join in but encouraged and invited to join us as the body of Christ, to encounter the living Christ with us and through us as we live and serve as brothers and sisters.
Therefore each person wishing to join us in prayer must be welcomed as Christ


Obedience – 

To God’s word and the teachings of the Church.
God gave the Church as His bride the authority to lead and teach us for our own good. It is the worst kind of pride that we would think we know better. Therefore it is essential that we stay true to the deposit of faith handed down to us through Scripture and tradition. There will be plenty of teaching on these. As a missionary I agree to
1. Be obedient to God’s word
2. live by and uphold the doctrines of the church
3. Admit when I don’t know something in a conversation and seek guidance
4. keep personal doubts and interpretations for discussion in community formation time or personal spiritual direction

Management structure – 

This is here in place to support and enable you, just as God’s law actually permits a greater freedom so will obedience to Community
5. To be obedient to requests from the house mother/ management
6. Follow Safeguarding rules of the community and the Schools
7. To follow the Governmental rules, this applies to use of drugs, alcohol, down to speed limits and proper use of vehicles.


Mission Partners – These are the people who join you in mission through their sacrifice of money or time in prayer for your work. They are holding your arms up in prayer for every conversation and encounter you have during your time on Mission.

Personally and as a community we will….

• Pray for every mission partner by name before the Blessed Sacrament (monthly).
• Ask our mission partners how we can pray for them and intercede for them.
• Write regular newsletters and/or personal letter sharing the good news of what is happening through their prayer and financial support.
• Invite them to follow our mission on our website or facebook page.

Finances & Possessions – We aim to respect the property of each other but also of our own belongings. Everything we have is a gift, primarily from God, and through the generosity and sacrifice of others. Therefore we respect these things by looking after them. This means the big things as well as the small things.

We will try and be good custodians of all we are given.
• Respecting our environment, turning lights off, heating, not wasting food, recycling.
• Keeping all our common areas tidy and clean, this honours our community as well as visitors.

Hosts and Hosting –Much of our ministry will be in visiting other peoples homes, either for a coffee or for a meal. We therefore have to respect our hosts by eating whatever is prepared for us politely. If you have food allergies it is polite to inform your host at the time of the invitation. Always arrive on time. Drink alcohol only in moderation if it is offered. Offer to help clear tables and wash up.

Phones and Social Media– There is no bigger gift to someone than to be completely present to them in the time you are together. We ask that although phones can be a great asset to the work we do they can if misused also be a huge hindrance.
Times between meetings or sessions be free to check for messages, however before you meet someone or in the schools please switch your phone off or switch it to silence so your time is properly invested in the friendship you are building and into valuing the person or people sat with you.

By our adherence to these outlines we free ourselves from many obstacles of serving Christ in this way. There will be a time of formation for everyone expanding on the above and help in living it.