Canon Michael's 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood

While the Cat’s away… 


As you may be aware, next summer Canon Michael will be celebrating his 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood.  He has been our parish priest since September 2006 and is universally loved and respected.  His Golden Jubilee will be a major milestone in service to God and His people and it is one that we hope to celebrate in such a way that demonstrates our love and appreciation for him and offers thanks and praise to God for his wonderful ministry to us and to many before us.


We have been in contact with Bishop Declan and Fr Michael’s family and have booked the evening of 7th June 2019 for the celebration.  This is a Friday evening - please put the date in your diary now so that you can attend.


Why are we planning this now?

Fr Michael takes very little time away from the parish but is currently on his summer vacation - it may be the last chance we have to get properly organised before next June!  When we celebrated his 40th anniversary in 2009, the Mass was held in St Gregory’s church and those of you that attended will remember that there was nowhere near enough room in the church or the hall and many people had to stand outside.  So - our experience tells us that none of our own venues were big enough even then and he is now ten more years known and loved!  This means we will have to book an alternative venue if we are to enable everyone to comfortably attend.  Fr Michael has a very special ministry to the elderly and housebound and we believe that he would want everyone to be given the best possible chance to attend. We will therefore need a large venue that has good disabled access and parking so that the event is as inclusive as possible.  Large venues get booked up a long time in advance so we will need to act soon!



We know from 2009 that Fr Michael is not willing to release parish funds for an event for him and so we must raise the money in advance in order to book a venue and make all necessary arrangements and provide transportation where necessary.  We will sort out the catering ourselves in the normal manner of parish events. We never have problems providing enough food!



It is important that any contributions for this event do not get ‘mixed up’ with general parish finance and so we have printed special envelopes for any contribution that you may wish to make. Please place your contribution in one of the special envelopes that are being given out this weekend.  Envelopes can be dropped into the collection baskets in the normal way, handed into the parish office or to any of our (other!) priests, deacons or staff either today or in the coming weeks. Please make any cheques payable to ‘St Osmund’s Parish’ as the event will be co-ordinated via the parish office.


Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete the ‘Gift Aid Declaration’ on the envelope.  If you are not, simply ignore or strike through this portion but please, do still use the special envelope.


What if there is a surplus?

Once the event is booked and arranged, if there are any surplus funds, they will be put towards any gift that we offer to Fr Michael next year.


If you have any questions, please speak to one of the priests, deacons or staff but not Fr Michael!!!


With grateful thanks to all.