Isolation during the Year of Communion:

As we journey through the Year of Communion we hear from people around the diocese and beyond about their experience of living in isolation during this time of COVID-19.

Cathy is a parishioner at Sacred Hearts, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham where for many years she has been part of the Welcoming team at weekend Masses, to help parishioners and visitors feel welcome and valued. She is married to Paul and has one grown up daughter.

Avlon Albuquerque, a parishioner of Holy Rood Church, Swindon. I have been teaching for the past 5 years and enjoyed doing so. I spend my leisure time reading, singing and painting.

The Director of Adult Education and Evangelisation, Sarah Adams, introduces the series of audio reflections.

Our second reflection comes from Marguerite who is married to Eric and is a mother of three, now adult, children. As well as bringing up a family Marguerite worked for many years as a Clinical Psychologist in Adult Mental Health. Marguerite is a very active member of her parish giving her time especially to  supporting the music ministry and youth ministry of the parish at Holy Rood in Swindon

Reflection 4: Anna Motylova is from Slovakia and is currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A-level in Bath, hopefully finishing with good grades this summer to go to University to study Biological Sciences.

Reflection 6: Rod is a nurse working on the Respiratory Assessment Unit at the RUH in Bath. He is also a parishioner of St. John the Evangelist in Bath.

Sr Gemma Simmonds CJ. Sr Gemma is a Sister of the Congregation of God

Kimberly Rodrigues is a parishioner of Holy Rood Church Swindon and identifies herself as an introvert but through these difficult times has realised the importance of socialising and human connections. When she’s not studying, she’s usually writing poems or reading a book!

Ruth FitzJohn is a Trustee of the Diocese and is a busy retiree following a career as a leader in the NHS and the cooperative movement. She and her family are parishioners at Sacred Hearts in Cheltenham.

Reflection comes from Rev. Steve Boughton, a permanent deacon for the parish of St. Aldhelm in Malmesbury.

Reflection 3: Michael is Headteacher of St Edward’s, a joint Catholic-Anglican secondary School Poole in the Diocese of Plymouth. He has a keen interest in Catholic spirituality, is an avid reader and enjoys travelling to different parts of the world with his family.

Reflection 5: Lucas is a parishioner of St. John’s in Bath. Lucas is Argentinian and lives with his wife and a baby who is expected any day soon!

Reflection 7: Tabitha is a Year 8 student at St. Augustine’s Catholic School in Trowbridge

Mgr Bernard Massey VG, Parish Priest at St George and St Teresa of Lisieux in Taunton

Deacon David Hebbes is a Deacon at St Peter’s Church in Gloucester, and he shares with us his lock-down experience.

My name is Karen and I am blessed with two amazing children. We worship at St John the Evangelist in BATH. I work for a Charity. As with many parents/single parents, I am navigating the new territory of home schooling, (thankfully) work and isolation. This is where pressing into our Faith and joyfully into Jesus becomes our survival mode

As we begin our Year of Communion we will focus on a Spirituality of Communion and how we are called and saved, not as individuals but as God’s people. We will build upon existing ways in which parishes collaborate with each other and will encourage the work that has already begun.


The Church of Clifton is called to be a people who believe in Christ, who celebrate Christ, and who live the way of Christ.

The Church is created by God to live, not for itself, but for others; to be a people who share in the mission of Christ, to proclaim the Kingdom and to make disciples so that the world will be transformed according to God’s plan.

Our Parishes and Communities should be places where Christ is celebrated, shared, proclaimed and lived, where everyone is welcomed and valued, and all have a sense of responsibility for the life of the community and the world.

We are called to be disciples who not only know about Jesus but also come to know him in prayer. Our liturgies should be celebrated in such a way that Christ’s word is heard, his presence known, and which are so connected to our lives that we joyfully take up the command ‘Go in peace glorifying the Lord by your life’.

In this Year of Communion, our Diocese has set before us some key objectives. Some of these we already do. We have however taken on new challenges in providing resources for Faith Formation - both to assist parents in the faith education of their children and for adults themselves. We now have a resource called ‘Adult & Child Faith Formation’. The resource for children is currently suitable for ages up to 7 years. Please click on the button below which will take you to the resources. This is an area of ongoing development which we plan to keep beyond the Year of Communion.