Year of Communion 2019-20

On Saturday 19 October we gather at St Brendan's College, Brislington, (09:15 - 14.30) with Fr. James Hanvey SJ, who will help us reflect upon A life lived in Communion. The day at St Brendan’s is set to prepare us for the coming Year of Communion (beginning the first Sunday of Advent) and introduce us to the resources that will be available to us from the end of November. All are welcome and it would be good if each parish was represented.

Please inform the Parish Office on 01722 333581 or email if you intend to attend by 7 October, so that numbers can be conveyed to the diocese.

For those attending lunch is provided but you do need to provide your own transport . 

On Friday 22 November at 19:00 in our Cathedral, Bishop Declan invites our diocesan community to join him at a celebration of Evening Prayer during which he will present to each parish, community and school the resources for the Year of Communion starting Sunday 1 December. As we did with the Year of Mission & Year of Prayer each community will be called forward to receive the year’s resources.