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As each street is ‘adopted’ it will be listed below so that everyone can see clearly which streets are already adopted.

Street Name Location Leaflets Church Notes
Bailey Mews Old Sarum 12 St O 11am   
Batchelor Way Downton 76 St O 11am  
Ball Grove  Long Hedge 5 St O 11am  
Balmoral Road   79 St O 9am  
Barford Lane Downton 30 St O 6pm  
Barrow Close   18 St O 11am  
Barrington Road   50 HR   
Bazel Gate Lane Long Hedge 8 ST O 11am  
Beaker Way   11 St O 11am  
Beauchamp Proctor Rise Long Hedge 10 St O 11am  
Bedwin Street   66 St O 9am  
Beeches The   47 St O 9am  
Bell Vue Road   79 St O 11am Excl 2 Flats
Berkshire Road   34 St O 9am  
Besomer Drove Lover 26 HR   
Bingham Road   76 St O 9am  
Bishopdown Road   114 HR   
Bishops Drive   35 St O 9am  
Bishops Mead   37 HR  
Bissington Close Old Sarum 8 St O 11am  
Blackfriars Way   34 St O 9am  
Blackhorse Lane Winterbourne 8 St O 6pm  
Blyth Way   28 HR  
Borough The Downton 122 St O 9am  
Bouchers Way   54 HR 6pm  
Bourne Close   8 St G   
Boundary Road Laverstock 29 St O 9am  
Bourne Avenue   47 St G  
Bouverie Avenue   152 St O 9am  
Bower Hill Road   10 St O 6pm  
Bracken Close   8 St O 9am  
Britford High Road   19 St O 6pm  
Britford Lane   45 HR   
Brown Street   129 St O 9am  
Bullbridge Road   Wilton St O 9am  
Burnett Way   28 St O 9am  
Burden Drive   122 HR   
Bundy Grove   7 St O 11am  
Bundy Lane   27 St O 9am  
Bunting Lane  Old Sarum 11 St O 11am  
Burford Avenue   31 St O 9am  
Burford Road   39 St O 9am  
Butler Close   7 St O 9am  
Butts Road   16 St G   
Buzzard Road Old Sarum 3 St O 11 am  
Byways Close   8 St O 11am