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The Bell Tower

November 25, 2020

A recent review of the belfry by the Diocese found much of the wood in the upper part of the Belfry was rotten and...Read more

Pew Restoration

November 24, 2020

A volunteer hard at work.

The continual use in recent months of the ‘Covid Guard’ spray had severely damaged the pews at St...Read more

Clifton Diocesan Holy Land Pilgrimage 2021 led by Bishop Declan Lang

November 24, 2020

Bishop Declan is set to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2021 (11 – 19 October) staying three...Read more

Prayer for the Nation

November 19, 2020

The first act of faith is the praise of God. It is deep and constant prayer. This must be at the root of...Read more

Our Lord Jesus Christ

November 18, 2020

What is the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe?

Pope Pius XI instituted this feast in 1925...Read more

Saint Andrew Dung-Lac

November 18, 2020

Saint Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions’ Story

Andrew Dung-Lac, a Catholic convert ordained to the priesthood, was one of 117 people martyred...Read more

Lockdown 2: Awaiting the Return

November 18, 2020

A second national lockdown in England that pushes into the season of Advent follows a full spring lockdown that left us observing and praying...Read more

Saint Hugh

November 17, 2020

Hugh was born in Avalon, near Grenoble between 1135 – 1140 CE to a French (Burgundian) noble family. He is also known as...Read more

Bishop calls on government to protect prisoners during COVID second wave

November 16, 2020

The Lead Catholic Bishop for Prisons has called on the government to go further in protecting prisoners and staff during the second wave...Read more

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