Becoming Catholic

How did you find yourself here? How did you come to land on a web page about becoming a Catholic?

You may have come here via a search-engine, or from another web site such as Sycamore or the Clifton diocese.

  • You probably wonder if the Catholic church can help you find answers to questions that you have about yourself and the world.
  • You may be thinking that Christianity might be able to offer you a pathway to a more fulfilling, happier life.
  • You may not understand all the things that are going on in your life right now.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, we would like to walk beside you.

To talk more about this you can get in touch with one of our priests on the contact page, or you can ask any question of one of our catechists, Dave Blake, on [email protected]

There are two main ways in which you can join with others on your journey:

The Nicodemus Group

This is a group of people who wish to share their faith (or lack of it!) with others in a very simple way; by sharing a meal together and reading the gospels. We have three modules during the year. Each module is of six weeks during which we meet once a week on Wednesday evenings. For more information, click here


Journey in Faith

This is an on-going programme for adults who are interested in Christianity, but who are not confirmed Catholics. We meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon to learn about what it is Christians believe, why they believe it, and explore what it means for our own lives. This programme can lead to becoming a confirmed Catholic through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, should you choose to so and when you feel ready.

Journey in Faith

Thinking of becoming a Catholic?

Each year thousands of adults choose to become Catholics. They come from different backgrounds for different reasons:

Some are already Christians from other traditions attracted by the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church and by the example of individual Catholics they know.

Some are from another faith or no faith at all who have heard about Jesus, His claim to forgive sin and His promise of eternal life.

Some are non-Catholics who have been coming regularly to Mass for years with their Catholic relatives. They wish now to become full members of the Church.

Some have had no previous contact with the Church at all but have this inner calling to discover the truth about the most important questions of life.

The programme is also for Catholics who missed out on the sacraments as children.

Most Catholics enter the Church through baptism as infants and receive the Eucharist and Reconciliation (First Communion and Confession) and Confirmation when young. However, there are many people who become Catholics, or receive the sacraments they have previously missed, later in life. The 'The Journey in Faith' programme is the preparation for this.

If you are interested please contact David Blake email: [email protected] or if you prefer one our Priests, details of which are on our homepage.

The Journey in Faith group meet on the last Sunday in each month at 3pm in St Osmund's Parish Rooms. 

Click here for the dates.

The Nicodemus Group

The Nicodemus Group welcomes everyone: Catholic or not, Christian or not, local or not; everyone has a place at the table. We meet in the St Elizabeth Hall once a week for six weeks at a time, three times a year. The next series of meetings starts on 5th October at 7pm until 8.30pm.

Each session is comprised of a prayer to start, then a lovely home-cooked meal (with a veggie option) followed by a short scripture reading that we discuss for about forty minutes. The Nicodemus Group is named after the Pharisee in the Gospel of John. Like Nicodemus, we are seeking to meet and get to know Jesus Christ by seeing him in one another.

Dave Blake has offered a personal reflection on his experience of the first year of the group, you can read it here:

In the next six sessions, our readings and reflection will be on The Acts of the Apostles. We will hear of the spread of the Word and how the Church was formed; starting from Jerusalem then spreading to the ends of the earth. The dominant theme will be to reflect upon, and seek, the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Meeting Dates

Date Reading Notes
05/10/2022 Acts 1: 9

Preparation for the Christian Mission

Prologue and recap of the Kerygma and the great commission “Go out to the ends of the earth”


Acts 2:2- 36

 Mission in Jerusalem

Pentecost and Peter’s speech


Acts 8: 4 -8

Acts 9:36—43

Mission in Judea and Samaria

Peter healing and preaching


Acts 10 1-23

Acts 13: 1-2

Acts 15:30-33

Inauguration of the Gentile mission

Paul is commissioned


Acts 15:36-41

Acts 19: 1-10

Mission of Paul

To the ends of the earth


Acts 25:1-12

Acts 28:11-31

The Church on the way to Rome

Paul addresses Caesar and the Epilogue


The St Elizabeth Hall is at the southern end of Exeter Street, Salisbury, 95 Exeter Street, SP1 2SF. There is a little parking behind the hall and on the street outside. The nearest car park is Brown Street, SP1 2AS.

To register interest (so we know how many to cook for) or ask any questions, please get in touch with Dave Blake[email protected]