CHURCH TV - Exciting Developments! Recording at Holy Redeemer and St Gregory’s

As you know, our Church TV (which is accessed via our website) is a continuous ‘livestream’ from St Osmund’s Church.  In addition, we record Sunday Masses and other key liturgies (funerals, weddings etc) to enable people to access these at any time.  We continue to receive lots of really positive feedback from parishioners past and present and from far and near and we have managed to successfully overcome any teething problems and technical difficulties experienced.    
 It is our plan to continue to develop our Church TV in all sorts of ways but a priority has been considering how we can include Masses from Holy Redeemer and St Gregory’s. We recorded the Mass at Holy Redeemer on the Feast of the Assumption last week using a portable video camera and tripod and this has now been uploaded to Church TV.  
 Where do I find it? Unlike the recordings of Masses at St Osmund’s, we cannot feature this in the ‘Recordings’ tab of our Church TV as it was not recorded from ‘within’ the system.  It can be found in the ‘Uploads’ tab.  We would really appreciate any feedback and comments from parishioners.  One observation we have made is that we may need more light on the Sanctuary area, for example. Dependent on your device you may need to display in Full Screen Mode to get a reasonable picture.  We hope to record a Mass at St Gregory’s in the near future.  
 Help needed  As the scope of this project extends and if we are to regularly film from Holy Redeemer and St Gregory’s, we will need some help.  Are you good with technology?  Are you a regular Mass attender who is capable of setting up a tripod and camera, adjusting it and letting us have the footage?  Perhaps we have a budding (or extremely competent!) cameraman or woman in our parishes that we don’t know about?   If any of this sounds like you and you would like to join in, please contact Caroline on 502503 [email protected] or Tony on 01722 500653 [email protected] 


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