EU, EEA & Swiss Ctizens need to apply for Settled Status

Bishops across England and Wales are calling on Catholics to make sure their European friends, relatives and fellow parishioners are aware of the Settlement Scheme, so that they can secure their rights post-Brexit.

The government requires EU, EEA or Swiss citizens who have made their homes in the UK to apply to the Settlement Scheme online by 30 June 2021. It is estimated that around a quarter of people have not yet made an application, leaving them at risk of losing their right to live, work and access services here.

In a letter to all Bishops this week Bishop Paul McAleenan warned: “We are particularly concerned about older and vulnerable people who may struggle to navigate the process, require assistance with the online application or not even know that their status is at risk. In many cases their main point of contact with society will be through the Church.” Click here to read the full letter.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales stands in solidarity with all European citizens who have made their homes here. They are a valued part of our parishes, schools and communities