Final Preparations for Live-Streaming – everything going wonderfully!

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of parishioners we are now ready to begin live-steaming from St Osmund’s this coming weekend.

Church Services TV (the company that we are working with) arrived at the appointed time and day last week and their team of three quickly installed the cameras, connected the audio feed and worked all manner of technological magic with minimum disruption in the church and office.   Since then we have adjusted the lighting and work has been taking place on our website to configure it for optimal viewing experience across a range of devices (iPads, laptops, desktop pcs and smartphones). 


On our website you will notice two changes – on the blue menu bar, there is now the option of ‘Church TV.  This is where you will find the service.  You will also be able to access the service from the large ‘button’ labelled ‘Church TV’ which is alongside the photographs of our priests.  Once you have clicked ‘Church TV’ you will then have the choice of watching the ‘live-stream’ from the church – this will be available at any time of day and will show exactly what is happening in the church at that moment.  Alternatively, you may select ‘Recordings’.  The 9am, 11am & 6pm Sunday Masses will be recorded each week for you to watch.  Other special liturgies may also be available from time to time.  We will be seeking to constantly improve and update the content available in this section.  Work will be continuing this week to fine-tune the service.


This project has got off the ground incredibly quickly thanks to the amazing response of parishioners.  We are also grateful to Church Services TV for their professionalism and to our Outreach volunteers in the parish who have helped to drive this project forward.  The project will be launched at the weekend on time and on budget.  Thanks be to God.


If you know of anyone that would like assistance to access this service, please put them in touch with our Outreach Worker, Caroline Williams 01722 502503 [email protected]


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