Final Sunday Year of Mission

Today marks the final Sunday of our Clifton Diocese ‘Year of Mission’ and next Sunday we usher in a special year set aside to focus on Prayer.  Does this mean that all our efforts to be an outward-facing missionary parish will cease?  Of course not!


The impetus provided by our Year of Mission has brought many blessings to our Salisbury Catholic Churches as we have worked together to respond to the call of the Holy Father to become missionary parishes: our new website ensures that the activities of our Salisbury Catholic Churches and the message of our Catholic faith has a potentially global reach. Our social media feeds are now updated daily ensuring that our Christian message, our events and our liturgies are announced on key digital platforms.  Our Church TV is watched by people near and far and, vitally, takes Mass into the homes of those who are unable to join us or are inquisitive about our faith.  Our Outreach deliverers are visiting twice a year at Christmas and Easter to all homes in our Catholic community making sure they feel part of our communion, loved and welcome to join us whether they come to Mass regularly or not.

We now have many more of our elderly and housebound parishioners receiving visits and communion in their homes than ever before. Our Project 99 Mission team have been making a real impact on our youth work and in support of parish activities, groups, catechesis and with local charities. We plan to continue, strengthen and consolidate these achievements by making sure that all we do, and all that we attempt to do, is grounded in prayer - that ongoing conversation with the Lord to ask that his will, not ours, be done.  It is good to remind ourselves that anything that we achieve will only be brought to success and fruition through the power of the Holy Spirit, guiding the Church. 

We begin our Year of Prayer with - you guessed it - prayer!


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