Holy Redeemer notices for 21 December

Holy Redeemer 3800.411

Many thanks to those who helped prepare the church for Christmas. Though small in number, they worked to best effect and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

The Christmas Eve Mass at Holy Redeemer will be at 8pm. It will be preceded by carols and readings which start at 7.45. Please come if you are able - we would be pleased to see you.

You will have noticed that our votive candle stands have been renovated. This has been carried out by a local blacksmith. Please use the taper in the base of the stand to light candles. Money goes into the box at the back of the church as usual.

Thank you for your contributions to the Trussell Trust Advent Appeal. The items were delivered last Monday and weighed 22 kilos. The Food bank was most grateful.


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