Fr Anthony2588

Fr Anthony will be inducted as Parish Priest of Holy Redeemer, St Gregory’s and St Osmund’s on Friday 29th November at 19:00 at St Gregory’s so let us join together to celebrate around Our Lord. There will be refreshments afterwards.

If you would like to contribute a plate of eats or snacks it would be much appreciated

Please note: there will be no morning Mass at 10:00 and no Confessions at St Gregory on Friday 29th November: Mass will be at 19:00. There will be no 19:00 MASS at St Osmund.

- A thought: an Induction is not just about the Priest: it is about all of us who make up the Parish. It celebrates the relationship of Communion that exists between us all. The Induction Liturgy includes a profession of faith and a dialogue voiced between us that outlines this relationship in the form of questions and answers. It won’t be the event it is meant to be if the parish is not together so please make a space in your diary and let us join together to celebrate around Our Lord.


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