Leaflet Drop on Our New Estates

Did you know that one of the most common reasons that people stop coming to church is that they move to a new area and simply fall out of the habit? They move to a new city, are busy settling in to a new home (and often a new job as well), they don't know anyone at their new church or aren't familiar with our Mass times and/or location. Before they know it, a number of weeks have passed and they've stopped coming. What was a 'temporary blip' quickly becomes a new way of life. This is a loss both to them and to us.

This Christmas, we plan to do leaflet drop to four of the new housing developments that have been built in Salisbury:

John Proctor, Catherine Detain and Kevin Lynn are co-ordinating our leaflet drop to some of the new housing that has appeared in Salisbury this year.  If you can spare a short time to help post these leaflets, please simply turn up at the times/dates/places shown below:


Wilton Hill - meet Catherine at the junction of The Avenue & Oakley Road on Monday 17 December at 7pm.

St Peter’s Place - turn left into the new estate off the A360.  Coberley Drive is the only named road as yet.  Meet Catherine at the junction of the entry road into the estate and Coberley Drive on Tuesday 18 December at 1.30pm.

Longhedge - new housing off the Amesbury Rd (A345).  Meet Kevin at the Linden Sales & Marketing office on Wednesday 19 December at 6pm

Bishopdown Farm - meet John Proctor at the Bishopdown Community Centre (on the green which is encircled by Ash Crescent) on Wednesday 19 December at 6.30pm.

Riverdown Park - with thanks to Tony Peters-Ennis who has already delivered to this entire new estate single-handedly!!



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