National Rosary Rally


National Rosary Relay Rally

The Rosary Whirlwind Mission culminates in the ‘National Rosary Relay Rally’ across our dioceses and those of Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday 31 October – All Hallows Eve.

From 9am to 9pm, many of our bishops are leading a designated Rosary Holy Hour for their dioceses either from their Cathedrals or chapels.


The prayer initiative has four key intentions to encourage faith, life and peace to prevail in our nations:

  • The spiritual wellbeing of the British Isles and for its preservation from decadence, adversity and war
  • Praying for our Church and Gospel vision, which are under increasing challenge and attack
  • Praying for our lands, for the conversion of our peoples and for their protected from evil, danger and sickness.
  • Praying for deliverance from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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