Online Registration

Making life even easier for you (and us!)

We currently have 2519 registered parishioners but we believe that this is nowhere near accurate. It may be that you have lived here for many years and have never registered or you may simply not be sure if you are or are not...

There are now four secure online forms that you can access from the home page. Click the button ‘Registration/Update etc button’ alongside the ‘Top News’ box or access directly at:

1. Parishioner Registration if you’ve never registered

2. ‘Am I registered’? will enable you to check if you are registered and, if you are not, the system will take you through online registration.

3. Change of Address Form if you’ve moved recently and not told us.

4. Confirmation Application for those in Yr 9 or above who wish to join our programme of preparation. We are currently working to bring Baptism & FHC applications online too!


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