Outreach Volunteers - Visits now underway!

Thank you to all our volunteers who collected their lists and cards last weekend and are now braving the rain and the cold to visit their fellow parishioners. There are still a few uncollected lists which are available for collection from the parish office or at Mass this weekend.

All registered parishioners should receive a visit and/or our Christmas Mass times card through their door. Please give your outreach volunteer a warm welcome when they knock if you are in.

If you do NOT receive a card or a visit, it is a sign that you may not be on our parish database. In which case, please contact Caroline Williams 502503 or email [email protected] or complete a yellow 'Parishoner Registration Form' available in all our churches and return to any of our clergy or to the parish office.

Uncovered Areas - 2 volunteers still needed! - we still have two small 'patches' in St Gregory's parish that do not have an Outreach Volunteer - one is a list of 5 houses in Wilton (Fairview Rd, Bailey Lane & Fugglestone) and the other is a list of 6 houses (Ashley Road/Avon Terrace/Coldharbour Lane). These two list will be available from Deacon Steve at the 9.30 am Mass at St Gregory's if you would like to volunteer. If we get volunteers for these two remaining lists it means that, once again, we will have managed to deliver to our entire database! we hope to have all deliveries made by Sunday 16 December at the latest. Thank you.

Mince Pies and Mulled Wine for all delivery volunteers after the 6 pm Mass on Sunday 16 December.        


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