St Gregory's AGM 24 June 2018

Over 50 people attended the St Gregory’s AGM on Sunday 24 June. It was a very positive occasion and a financial summary was presented by treasurer Alan Trowbridge who issued an income & expenditure statement and was thanked by Canon Michael for his commitment and hard work over this year. Canon Michael then outlined the longer term plans for more efficient use of the St Gregory’s site to include possible redevelopment, a remodelling of the church, a purpose built parish hall and rooms, three houses, and better use of the car parking area. The site is a large one and the plans have been to the diocese for initial approval and will now need to go for planning permission. They will be partly financed by better utilisation and the sale of the existing land. Thanks were expressed to the two parishioners who are now looking after the church grounds and for all of those from across our our deanery who recently helped clear the land behind the hall (see blog item from June 11 'Groundwork at St Gregory's')  Canon Michael then discussed exciting plans to stream Masses to those who are housebound or unable to attend church or for those who have left the parish and want to keep in touch. This has been planned for some time but couldn’t start until we had a good website and this is now in place and is working very well. There is an initial cost to setting this up but the process is a proven one by a well established company that do this for other churches in the UK and Ireland. Following the AGM there was a question and answer session and refreshments were provided.  With thanks to all who attended.


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