Weekend Retreat on the I.O.W

Retreat Iow
  • The Retreat starts on Friday, 24th January at 7pm, and it finishes on Sunday, 26th January 2020 after lunch.
  • What is it? This is a weekend encounter for people 18 years and above. It hopes to provide space for people to encounter God through his Word. The weekend is rich as we celebrate the feast of St. Paul’s conversion on Saturday and the new feast, “Sunday of the Word of God” announced by Pope Francis last September. There will be moments of prayer, listening to talks, dynamics, games, song, sharing... all to help us encounter Christ in everything.
  • What to bring? Notebook, pen and bible (if you have), warm clothes and shoes to walk outside. If the weather permits, you may want to walk outside around the beautiful surroundings of the Retreat Centre.  Please bring also your towels and toiletries.
  • Cost: £80 per person (£50 for students). However, we run on a donation-only policy, so if you cannot pay the full amount, we ask you to give what you can, and not to let the money stop you from coming. Equally, if you can give more, this will help towards a place for someone else.
  • How to give your donation and pay for transportation (ferry/taxi when requested): you can pay by cash, cheque made payable to ‘Verbum Dei Community’, or online to Verbum Dei Community. Barclays Account number:  00849049 Sort code: 20-60-55. If paying online please provide your surname as a reference and e-mail payment confirmation to verbumdei.lon@gmail.com.



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