World Day of Peace


Pope Francis prays for Yemen on World Day of Peace

On World Day of Peace, Pope Francis expresses his appreciation for demonstrations in favour of peace, and calls for prayers for the people of Yemen, and for a bishop kidnapped in Nigeria.

In remarks following the Angelus on New Year’s Day, Pope Francis expressed his gratitude “all those in every part of the world who, respecting the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, have promoted moments of prayer and reflection on the occasion of today's World Day of Peace.” He noted in particular a Virtual March that took place on New Year’s Eve, organized by the Italian Episcopate, Pax Christi, Caritas and Catholic Action; and another, promoted by the Sant’Egidio Community, which took place in the morning on New Year’s Day.


Prayers for Yemen

The Holy Father also shared his “sorrow and concern” at the further escalation of violence in Yemen, “which is causing numerous innocent victims.” He prayed “that efforts will be made to find solutions that will allow peace to return to those tormented peoples.”

“Brothers and sisters,” he exclaimed, “let us think of the children of Yemen! Without education, medicine, hungry… Let us pray together for Yemen.”

Prayers for victims of kidnapping

Pope Francis also called for the faithful “to join the prayer of the Archdiocese of Owerri in Nigeria for Bishop Moses Chikwe and his driver,” who were kidnapped on 27 December. “We ask the Lord that they and all those who are victims of similar acts in Nigeria may return unharmed to freedom and that that dear country may regain security, concord and peace.”

A year of peace and hope

Pope Francis concluded his remarks with best wishes to all for “a year of peace and hope, with the protection of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.”



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