One of the true signs that the Promised One was among God’s people was that the blind would see again. Jeremiah looks forward to that time when God will comfort all those whose lives are broken and God will lead them, God will guide them, God will shepherd them back to him. We often think of those who have no direction in life, those who are lost, as being somewhat blind and we consider ourselves who have faith to have a certain sight living, as we do, in the light of Christ. It is the truth that guides our path, truth that directs us, truth that opens before us a way to joy, to peace and to contentment of life. That truth is a person – the person of Jesus Christ living among us and offering us the same comfort of the Father. Our mission? Not to drag people to Jesus but to reveal the truth of who he is by the witness of our lives. Like the crowd in the midst of the Gospel, ‘Courage, get up; he is calling you’, we recognise that the Lord is calling and there are those who need a little help in finding the Lord and his love. That’s us; that’s our task and mission – to bring others to Jesus. 


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