The longer version of this Sunday’s Gospel is worth reflecting on because it reveals to us something about Jesus’ mission. Notice in both encounters – the daughter of Jairus and the woman with the haemorrhage – we are dealing with untouchables: sickness and death, and someone bleeding. Jesus would find himself excluded and ritually unclean if he comes into so close a contact with these two people. Nevertheless, Jesus doesn’t feel constrained or restricted in his outreach in any way. He touches and he’s not afraid to touch. The healing, life-giving touch of the Lord cannot be contaminated. If anything it is those who encounter Jesus who are truly ‘affected’ by the life and healing he seeks to bring. Mark’s Gospel speak of God’s nearness in our brokenness and fragility, not his distance. Whose life will you touch this week? Wherever you find yourself this week be something of the boldness and daring of Jesus. Be the touch of Jesus, the outreach of Jesus, the closeness of Jesus… even towards today’s ‘untouchables’.  


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