When we come to Mass and gather to celebrate the Eucharist, we come to encounter the Lord who is truly with us, truly among us. In the word that is proclaimed God speaks to his people. The readings are not there just to fill the gaps or stretch out our time together. We truly come to encounter the Lord who reveals himself to us in his word. We find Ezra the priest reading to the people from the book of the Law, reminding God’s people that he is with them, he is near to them, close to them, and he loves them. And its Jesus who proclaims God’s word to those in the Synagogue at Nazara. Filled with the Spirit of God, God’s very word becomes Jesus’ mission – to proclaim Good News, liberty, sight, freedom, God’s graciousness. God’s still speaks to us in his word. Do we listen? Are we listening? Are we open to what God might be saying to us? Are we open to allowing God to encounter us and draw us into greater friendship with the One who is never far from us? 


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