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Welcome! If you want to find out what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, or if you want help in exploring your existing faith, then we can help you.

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The Nicodemus Group is named after the slightly enigmatic figure in the Gospel of John, but it is very simple. We meet once a week for six weeks at a time, three times a year. Each session is comprised of a prayer to start, then a lovely home-cooked meal followed by a short scripture reading that we discuss for about forty minutes. That discussion is when we can really meet one another and maybe even get a glimpse of Jesus in the person to whom we are listening. Then we close with a short prayer.

So if you have an appetite for home-cooking (we always have a veggie option as well as a meaty one) and the gospel then this is for you. There is a place for everyone. At the moment we have about twenty attending and our last session before Easter will be on 16th February. We will be starting again after Easter. To register interest or ask any questions, please get in touch with Dave Blake. [email protected]

We listen to one another with respect and attention, without judgement or valuation.

We listen to what someone is saying, not the words they are using.

We respect the privacy of what we hear.

The Nicodemus Group will be starting the third module of six meetings on Wednesday, 4th May at 7pm in the parish rooms. We will meet meet once a week for the following six weeks. For more information contact Dave Blake directly to register interest or ask any questions. [email protected]