The God Who Speaks

A monthly series of Reflections by Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB

Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB is a Monk at Ampleforth, home to the Benedictine monks in Yorkshire.

Fr Henry has given us six short, but rich reflections. Through them, he responds to some of the questions that many people have about the Bible.

Questions such as why do we have two accounts of creation in Genesis? What was King David really like? Why and how do we use the Psalms?

Picking up a particular themes of interest, Fr Henri offers an interesting insight into some of the Scriptures which we all know and love.

A new Reflection by Fr Henri will be added each month on this page.


In this first video Reflection by Fr Henry, he talks about Creation.                 

Reflection 3: Fr Henry discusses the Psalms.

Reflection 5: Fr Henry talks about the Passion

In this second video Reflection by Fr Henry, he discusses King David – Hero or Scoundrel?

Reflection 4: Fr Henry, he reflects on the ‘Infancy Narritives’.