Life in The Spirit!  Talks

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Life in the Spirit 6 'Spritual Growth' 24 May 2024

Due to camera failure no recording was achieved. Please follow this link for the content:

March 1 2024 Gerlinde Symons on ‘Prison Ministry’ with testimony by Ian Mathews

Caroline Robson on her 33 day walk on The  Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Rev Margaret Collins on Prophecy

Teresa MacCullum on our 'Father's Love', testimony from Dee Chislett and Deacon John Proctor

Deacon John Detain on 'The Power of The Holy Spirit' & testimony by Deacon Steve Godwin

Fr Joseph Meigh on 'Baptism in The Holy Spirit'

Deacon John Proctor on 'Prayer'

Mary & Dominic Meigh on 'Jesus is Lord' 


Xanthe Vanderputt on 'The Gifts of The Holy Spirit' and Gerlinde Symons on 'Eucharistic Adoration'. 

Deacon John Proctor on 'Mission and Growth'

Mrs Helen Inglis 'Ministry to the Homeless'

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