Justice and Peace

Salisbury Justice and Peace Group is part of the National Justice and Peace Network, an organisation within the Catholic Church. We meet in members’ houses or on church premises once every six weeks or so and eat a shared snack meal as we work. Justice and Peace Groups focus mainly on five areas:


- Poverty

- Peace

- Persons (tackling human rights abuses)

- Planet (environmental issues)

- Politics (not party politics)


The group tries to address the injustices, suffering, violence, and environmental destruction in our world.


We've done many things in the years we've been in existence, including:


- A chocolate evening about children being trafficked into Ghana and the Ivory Coast from Burkina Faso to harvest cocoa pods.

- An evening about poverty in this country. The event took the form of a multiple choice quiz using statistics from charities like Alabare and the Trussell Trust.

- A day about Laudato Si; Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment.


The group is always looking to welcome new members. To find out more phone Graham on 333873.