Justice and Peace

Salisbury Justice & Peace Group is part of the National Justice & Peace network an organisation within the Catholic ChurchJustice Peace. Groups work on 5 priorities which are the 5 Ps:

P1: Poverty & Inequality: To end poverty and hunger, in all its forms and dimensions.

P2: Planet: To protect the planet “so it can support the needs of the present and future generations.” Nearly every day we are seeing just how connected – and fundamental – climate change is to global development.

P3: Person (Human Rights)

P4: Politics (not party politics): Campaigning / lobbying on issues of concern

P5: Peace: Promoting peaceful and just societies. Conflict threatens human rights; those living in fragile and conflict-affected states account for 80 percent of the extreme poor.


There are various actions we can take to address these issues such as: Raising funds for CAFOD (P1) or visiting your MP about an issue or concern (P4). We all have issues about which we are concerned, we must not look away and hope someone else will fix them, they might include the destruction of the Rain Forest in South America (P2) or the plight of people in Ukraine (P5).

You have freedom of speech and you are informed by the media, surely you must make your voice heard and make your life count.

So lets try to make a positive difference in small steps. The population of the world is 8 billion (8,000,000,000), if just 1 percent (80,000,000) of the planet both cared and took action, the small steps would turn into a giant leap and the world would be a better place.

If you are interested in joining the Justice & Peace Group or want to find out more you can contact Graham on 01722 333873


Laudato Si

Live Simply so that others may Simply Live

Climate Emergency Calendar

We are all familiar with the effects of the more extreme weather conditions we are currently experiencing. These incidents are all indicative of the crisis declared due to climate change across the world. There are many things we all can do to limit the damage we are doing to our eco-system and climate. Each action that each one of use takes make a difference. Salisbury Catholic Churches is committed to Live Simply. What will you do?

We ask that each month you choose one action; it could be from any of the areas: Shopping, In the Garden, Out and About, At Home or At Work.

Please click on the link  below to see what you can do.