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As each street is ‘adopted’ it will be listed below so that everyone can see clearly which streets are already adopted.

Street Name Location Leaflets Church Notes
Macklin Road   93 St G 9.30am  
Manor Farm Road Ford 9 HR 6pm  
Manor Road   45 St O 6pm  
Mannock Fields Long Hedge 33 St O 11am  
Martins Close   36 St O 11am  
Mcnamara Street  Long Hedge 26 St O 11am  
Meadow Road   67

St G 9.30am

Merrifield Road  Ford 39 HR 6pm  
Methuen Drive   24 St O 11am  
Middleton Road   73 St O 11am  
Middle Street   57 St O 9am  
Middleton Road  Winterslow 50 St O 11am  
Milford Hill   57 St O 11am  
Millennium Close   15 St O 9am  
Milton Road   83 St O 9am  
Moberly Road    62 St O 9am  
Montgomery Gardens   83 St G 09.30am  
Moody Drive Downton 9 St O 11am  
Mottersheed Row Long Hedge 10 St O 11am  
Mount Lane Barford St Martin 12 St G 9.30am