New Lectionary

to be launched in England and Wales for Advent 2024


The Lectionary is a book which contains the readings for Mass (Sundays and Weekdays), for Saints and Sacraments, and other occasions, such as funerals. It is the big book on the ambo in our churches and chapels and it comes in four large volumes. At the Second Vatican Council, the Lectionary was revised so that more of the treasures of scripture would be heard at Mass. For example, whereas prior to the Council only 3% of the Gospel of Mark was heard now 96% is read. One consequence of this was that the Lectionary was, once more, a separate volume separated from the prayer texts of the Mass (the Roman Missal).


The Lectionary is changing as part of the continuing process of revising liturgical translations. The process began with the Roman Missal in 2011 and has continued to work through all the other liturgical rites. The changes are intended to make biblical translations more faithful to the original languages, using better, more up-to-date biblical scholarship and a text which is more proclaimable.


How will the launch of a new Lectionary affect us?

From the 1st Sunday of Advent 2024, the readings proclaimed at Mass MUST come from the new Lectionary.  This new edition will use the English Standard Version Catholic Edition of the Bible and the Abbey Psalter. It will include an up-to-date Proper of Saints including the new universal and national feasts that have been instituted since the publication of the last lectionary in 1981.

Will the prayers of the Mass change?


No. The Roman (Altar) Missal remains unchanged however, people’s Sunday & Weekday ‘Missals’ will need to be replaced as these are an amalgam of the prayers and the readings for Mass.


Lectionaries for our Churches

Grateful thanks goes to all those who have so generously sponsored the main editions for our churches and priests. The amount committed is over £4,000 which represents a huge saving to the parish and our priests. 

People’s Sunday & Weekday Missals

Sunday Missals will arrive in parishes in October 2024 and Weekday Missals in April 2025.

Many parishioners have a Sunday and/or Weekday Missal to either prepare the readings, to reflect on them or to follow the text during Mass and so may wish to order one through the parish to avoid carriage costs.

Sunday Missals for whole liturgical cycle retail from (Standard) £19.95 to (Burgundy) £29.95. Sunday Missal for 2025 only £9.95. More details and images can be found below.

Sunday Missal Standard Fotor 20240513124452

Sunday Missal - Standard Edition

Containing the readings and Order of Mass for every Sunday and solemnity of the liturgical cycle, this beautiful hardback missal with two ribbons will support prayer and devotion in all seasons of life.


Sunday Missal White

Sunday Missal - White Presentation Edition

Attractively presented in a slipcase, this gilt-edged white leather edition with two ribbons is a perfect First Holy Communion gift.


Sunday Missal 2025

The New Sunday Missal 2025

1 Year Only (Year C)

Helpfully presented in calendar order from the First Sunday of Advent 2024 to Christ the King 2025, this lightweight, paperback Sunday Missal contains everything you need for Sunday Mass and Solemnities all year. Designed to be affordable and sustainable, this missal can be recycled at the end of 2025 and replaced with the 2026 edition.


Sunday Missal Burgundy

Sunday Missal - Burgundy Gift Edition

This gilt-edged, burgundy bonded leather missal with two ribbons and a slipcase makes an inspiring gift for any Confirmation candidate, recent convert or life-long Catholic.