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Virtual Holy Land Co-ordination

January 16, 2021

16 – 21 January 2021

Bishops from across Europe, North America and South Africa will meet remotely this year to reflect...Read more

St Agnes

January 14, 2021

Born into a wealthy family during the last decade of the third century, Agnes lived in Rome during the last major persecution of...Read more

St. Wulfstan

January 14, 2021

Wulfstan (1008-1095) + Bishop and reformer, also called Wulstan and Wolstan. Born at Long-Itch ington, Warwickshire, England, he studied at the abbeys of Evesham...Read more

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

January 12, 2021

For those nations that are party to it, the treaty prohibits the development, testing, production, stockpiling, stationing, transfer, use and threat of use...Read more

World Day of Peace

January 7, 2021

Pope Francis prays for Yemen on World Day of Peace

On World Day of Peace, Pope Francis expresses his appreciation for demonstrations in...Read more

Open churches vital for resilience during lockdown, says Cardinal

January 5, 2021

With the announcement of a new lockdown for England to curb the rapid spread of COVID-19, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, President of the Catholic...Read more

Mary, The Holy Mother of God

December 27, 2020

We celebrate the liturgical feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 1st, which is in the Octave of Christmas. Only Christmas and...Read more

Saint Thomas Becket

December 27, 2020

Saint Thomas Becket's Story

A strong man who wavered for a moment, but then learned one cannot come to terms with...Read more

The Holy Innocents

December 27, 2020

The Story of the Holy Innocents

Herod “the Great,” king of Judea, was unpopular with his people because of his connections...Read more

Saint John of the Cross

December 10, 2020

Saint John of the Cross’ Story

John is a saint because his life was a heroic effort to live up to...Read more