Parenting for Faith

Session 7: Prayer Ministry for Children

Sometimes our children need a bit of help connecting with God. This could be because they are having a hard day or because they are struggling to connect. Sometimes they just need someone alongside them. On those days, we as parents can help our children meet with God face-to-face. In this session, we will be looking at a simple model of prayer ministry designed for use with children and teens to ensure we keep our high-priest hats off and our coach heads on, and we will be giving it a go ourselves.

Session 6: Surfing the Waves

So far we've discussed some important principles about how to parent for faith, but as with any part of parenting it’s a job for life! So how do we continue to disciple our child on this journey? In this session, we will learn about a simple six-stage model that will enable you to proactively disciple your child whether they are 4, 14 or 40, and how, as our children’s spiritual lives come in waves, we can jump on board to disciple our children in any season of life.

Session 5: Conversational Prayer - Catch

Helping our child to hear God’s voice is one of the most precious gifts we can give them. Jesus' death and resurrection not only bought us the ability to talk to God personally, but also bought us the ability to hear his voice clearly and confidently. 'Catch' is just a way of showing children how to be prepared and expectant with their whole bodies to receive God's communication.

Session 4: Conversational Prayer - Chat

We can all struggle with prayer – and so can our children. Over the next two sessions, we will be looking at releasing our children into a two-way conversation of sharing life with God and him sharing back. 'Chat' is the first stage of that conversation and this session will equip you to introduce your child to chat.