Parish Briefing August 2019

Summary of the Parish Briefings that have occurred 6 – 9 August

The immediate implications of being having two Priests to serve Christ the King, St Gregory, Holy Redeemer and St Osmund are:
No cancellation of any Masses -  weekday or Sunday.

The aim is to maintain the integrity of each Parish community.

The times of two Masses on a Sunday will change to enable the priests to travel between Salisbury and Amesbury.


            09:30 Mass at St Gregory will now be at 09:00.

            10:30 Mass at Christ the King will now be at 11:00.


The new times will be effective from Sunday 15 September.

Fr Anthony and Fr Saji will work as a team and will share the rota.

There is a need for the clergy and the parish communities to work as one team.

Pastoral Assistants - role and training, preview led by the Diocese on Thursday 12 September at 19:00 in St Osmund’s Parish Rooms. All welcome.

Long term there is a need to consider and plan for the possibility of having one Priest across the entire Salisbury Deanery.