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As each street is ‘adopted’ it will be listed below so that everyone can see clearly which streets are already adopted.

Street Name Location Leaflets Church Notes
Sandringhams The Whaddon 44 HR 6pm  
Saunders Road   80 HR 6pm  
Sarum St Michael, The Close   34 HR 6pm  
St Andrews Laverstock 13 St O 6pm  
St Ann Place   49

St O 6pm

St Ann Street   73

St G 9.30am

St Birinus Road Woodfalls 18 HR 6pm  
St Clair Road   26 HR 6pm  
St Ediths Close   8

St G 9.30am

St Francis Road   68 St O 6pm  
St Gregory's Avenue   44 St G 9.30am  
St James Close, SP1 3FB 37 St O 9am  
St John's Close    4 St G 9.30am  
St John's Square Wilton 18 St G 9.30am  
St Judes Close   32 St O 11am  
St Martins Church Street   27 HR 6pm  
St Matthew's Close   16 St O 9am  
St Mary's Close Wilton 5 St O 11am  
St Lawrence  Close Stratford Sub Castle 17 St O 9am  
St Nicholas Close Wilton 8 St G 9.30am  
St Nicholas Road   43 St O 6pm  
St Teresa's Close   18 HR 6pm  
St Ursulas Close   11 St O 11am  
Saxon Leas  Winterslow 105 St O 11am  
Shelley Drive   32 St 0 9am  
Short Lane Barford St Martin 6 St G 9.30am  
South Street   15

St O 9am

Somerset Road   40 HR 6pm   
Spire View   22 HR 6pm  
Springfield Crescent   9 St O 9am  
Steadings The Ford 21 HR 6pm  
Stephens Close   14 St O 9am  
Sherbourne Drive Old Sarum 180 St O 11am  
Stone Close Winterslow 32 St O 11am  
Stout Grove   15 HR 6pm  
Stroud Flats   14 ST O 6pm   
Sunnyhill Road   57 St O 6pm  
Swallowmead   46 St O 11am  
Swayne Road Wilton 10 St O 11am