St Osmund's


Live streaming and recordings notice


  • The cameras installed inside this church facilitate livestreaming of masses and ceremonies from this church.
  • Livestreaming allows homebound people, people in hospitals and in nursing homes or those who live abroad to watch live masses, ceremonies and other celebrations or services and, thereby facilitates parishioners to stay connected with this parish and with their families and friends through these services.
  • Church Services TV (CSTV) provides the facilities for livestreaming and recording of services. Recordings are requested only by the parish administrators.   
  • Livestreaming is available 24/7 and not all livestreaming is recorded. No images are stored if a recording has not been requested.
  • If services are recorded, the footage will be held securely for 30 days or otherwise as requested by the parish administrator. All recordings are stored on a secure server within the European Economic Area (EEA). Notices of recordings due to take place can be viewed daily here: (recordings are displayed in red in the schedule) or please contact this parish for more details.
  • Livestreaming and recordings can be watched from this website  
  • Public recordings can be downloaded here:  
  • The web camera contains a backup storage card to enable video to be accessed for security or recording purposes in the form of a backup to be recovered because of a broadband or system failure. The camera and the storage card are owned by the parish. CSTV has remote access to the footage and is accessed only when requested by parish authorities. No copy leaves the church and the video is not stored elsewhere. This service can be turned off at the request of the parish.
  • For further enquiries related to the services provided by CSTV please contact them here: or visit

All of our services from St Osmund's are  now available in real time from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a broadband connection to the internet. All three Sunday Masses will also be recorded and will be available on the RECORDINGS tab so that they can be viewed at any time of day or night during the subsequent week.

Following a request from our Polish community, we will also be recording the monthly Polish Mass that takes place at St Osmund's at 4 pm on the second Sunday of  the month.We were  happy to recieve their request and glad that they also plan to make good use of this service.


When you click into 'Church TV' (either from the top blue menu bar, or the large button lower down beside the pictures of our priests) you can choose either to view exactly as it appears or change to full screen mode. How you view is down to personal choice and may depend on the device (size of screen) you are using. The service can be viewed on PCs, Macs, IPads, Smartphones and other tablets. 



There are three tabs showing on our Church TV:  PLAYER, SCHEDULES, RECORDINGS



You may need to press the play button (in the centre of the screen) when you first access Church TV.

This is the live streaming tab. This is the view of the church at the very moment of time that you are viewing. Please be aware that when there is no service taking place, there will be no sound as the amplifier in the church will not be switched on. When there is a service taking place, there will be sound.


On a PC:

You will find the speaker control in the bottom left corner  click on it to turn it on and adjust the volume by using the slider.  At the bottom right of the screen, there is a fuilscreen symbol click on it if you want to go full screen mode. Press the Esc key (top left on most keyboards) to return.


On an IPad or Tablet 

The speaker control is tbottom left of the screen, and the full screen control is bootom right. To return from fullscreen click the close symbol top left.



Here you will see the service schedule for the week Monday to Sunday.

The services listed in red have, or will be recorded.



Here you will find all the services services that have been recorded. Please note that a service that has just been recorded will not immediately show up here. Please be patient they will appear, it just takes a little processing time.

Select the Mass you want and click the play arrow in the middle of the screen. The controls over the speaker and full screen are the same as on the PLAYER (‘Live’) tab (see above). As above please use the full screen or not to suit your preference and device you are using.


After watching a recording, you may need to refresh your browser to return to the PLAYER (‘Live’) tab or you can simply press HOME on the menu and then select Church TV again.  




Beneath the Church Services TV panel you will find  recordings from Holy Redeemer, St Gregory's and other services recorded on VIMEO. This is a video recording service we have signed up to  which for now gives us a better quality recording playback. 



If you experience any difficulties accessing the service or have any questions , please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Williams on 502503  or Tony Peters-Ennis on 500653