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As each street is ‘adopted’ it will be listed below so that everyone can see clearly which streets are already adopted.

Street Name Location Leaflets Church Notes
Wain a Long Road   86 St O 9am  
Waldron’s Farm  Netherhampton Road 4 St O  
Warneford Crescent Long Hedge 9 St O 11am  
Warwick Close  


St O 9am excl Flats
Water Lane   28 St O 9am  
Water Way Old Sarum 17 St O 11am  
Wavell Road   5 St O 9am  
Weavers Close Winterslow 5

St O 11am

Wellington Way   68 St G 9.30 am  
Wessex Road Wilton 56 St O 11am  
Whitefriars Road   17 HR 6pm  
West Street Wilton 74 St G 9.30am  
West Street  Barford St Martin  33 St G 9.30am  
West Street   24 St O 9am  
Westminster Road   18 St G 9.30am  
Wilman Way   51

St G 9.30am

Wiltshire Road   103 St O 9am  
Winding Way   91 St O 6pm  
Woodland Drive  Winterslow 26 St O 11am  
Woodvill Road   36 HR 6pm  
Woodside Road   114 St O 6pm  
Wordsworth Road   42 St O 9am  
Wrenscroft   13 St O 11am