World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday is on Sunday 18 October. It’s the one Sunday in the year when the entire global Church comes together to support mission. And every single donation from these worldwide Masses goes to support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is new, young or poor.

Every Catholic community, in every country, sends a powerful message of faith, hope and love on this special day.

This is our chance to show love and solidarity to our global Church family. Through our prayers, we support missionaries everywhere in spreading the Good News. And by donating we respond to Christ’s call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Booklets and prayer cards will be available at back of our churches the comiing weekends. The booklets will contain details of how to donate including a freepost envelope for cheques.   

During October, which is World Mission Month, Missio wish to promote Children's Activity sheets which help children to follow the Gospel and show how missionaries they help overseas are doing what Jesus asks of us. In addition, they wish to encourage families to understand how they belong to the Universal Church, God's worldwide family, where everyone has a part to play – no matter how young or small they are. The sheets for the next three Sundays are attached but are also accessible via a link

Please find activity sheets for children for each of the three Sundays below.