Youth Work Leader


We are seeking a Youth Work Leader on a 2-year fixed term contract. The role will be under two part-time contracts, one with the Clifton Diocese working in the Salisbury Parishes for 20hrs per week, and the other will be through The Bridge, working 22hrs per week within local Catholic schools.  

Therefore this could be two part time positions or one full time

The role will be to work and develop existing visions for young people in the Salisbury Catholic Churches, to provide opportunities for faith development, engagement and understanding through a variety of activities organised by the Youth Work Leader.  The leader will provide support for the whole community of parents in the formation of their children, a model rooted in the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”.   

For further details of the Roles, please see the Parish & The Bridge  Job Descriptions below.

Initial applications should be in writing with a CV attached.  All correspondence and applications should be directed to the Salisbury Parish contact [email protected] 

Please click here to download the Application Form  

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