Harry Responds

Holy Portland Pigeon 670

The following response has been received from Harry to last week's news item which can be viewed at:   https://salisburycatholics.org/blog/pigeon-named-harry

Dear Parishioners

I am a rather revered bird within my pigeon community and have been elected as their special agent, also known as ‘Pigeon spy’. My lineage is impressive because 70 years ago the equivalent of the VC (in veterinary schools)  and known as the Dicken medal, was awarded for acts of heroism during WW II to non-other than a distant grandad of mine. (Look it up if you don’t believe me).
My visit to Saint Osmund’s Church was purely reconnaissance work.
The uninformed outreach volunteer (and helpers) thought that I could be removed by fair means or foul. But I bravely stayed on, undeterred and valiantly completed my mission despite being bribed with a cheese sandwich (not even Birdseye),

I respected the two meter distancing but as I was a courier I had to leave a message with the emphasis on ‘mess’. This completed I felt most satisfied and hope you received the message personally.
So much for the Outreach experts!

Known for our navigational skills it was so easy to make my escape, without any help from the owner of the cheese sandwich.

I reported back to the flock across the road in the cathedral and I was able to reassure them that the invasion by starlings in the sacristy was of no threat to us they are not the stars they think they are! They have ‘turned tail’ and flown.  We do not stand for any competition. Be warned.


Harry the hero.