We can begin to tell we are drawing towards the end of the Church’s year as our readings begin to draw us to consider the last things and the last times. What characterises the disciple as we await the coming of the Lord? Alertness, that sense of having one’s eyes open to seeing where the Lord is near, where he is here with us. We do not know when the Lord will come again – all we know is that he will come for he is faithful to his word. When we look around we can see something of the ‘distress’ that the prophet Daniel speaks of. It is into the distress of those around us that we can speak of God’s presence. We are called to be the nearness of God, the closeness of God, through the way we allow God’s word of peace to touch the lives of others. Maybe that’s our mission this week: to speak of God’s closeness and bring peace where there is distress and dis-ease. 


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