Holy Eucharist


 As our numbers are so large we intend to celebrate First Holy Communion during the various Masses in our three  churches on 10 & 11 June 2023. There will be an opportunity for you to elect which mass you will attend.

Preparation this year will consist of several sessions aimed at assisting parents to prepare their child: and several sessions for the children.

Given the limited number of sessions for children it is important that they attend all sessions.

20221024   First Communion Timetable Page 0001

If you have a child that is currently in Year 3 or above at school whom you would like to make their First Communion during 2023, please complete the online First Holy Communion Application Form at:

https://p1.pamis.co.uk/salisbury/onlined01cab or by clicking the ‘Registration’ button on our Homepage. If you have any questions about First Holy Communion, please email: [email protected]


Holy Communion is the act by which we receive the sacrament of Holy Eucharist.  The Eucharist is the greatest of the seven sacraments celebrated by the Catholic Church. At each Mass, the bread and wine is consecrated, and is thus transformed to become in its deepest reality the body and blood of the risen Christ. As we eat the host and drink from the chalice, we are nourished by Jesus himself.

Union with Christ in Holy Communion is the bond of charity which makes us one with our neighbour. When we grow in love for God through our union with Jesus, we also necessarily grow in love for our fellow man. If we have the right disposition, receiving the Eucharist produces changes in ourselves that we notice over time: a lessening of racial and national prejudices, of neighbourhood resentments; an increase in love, in compassion, in patience and forbearance towards others.