Salisbury Catholic OutREach (SCORE) is one of the ways our the Salisbury Catholic community reaches to those in need in the local community and in the wider world. It’s a way of putting our Christian values into practice.

Everyone in the 3 parishes is a member of SCORE. Funds are raised in two ways:


1.     10% of the weekly collection from our churches is directed to SCORE.

2.     There are 10 additional special SCORE collections which are either for ‘Home’ projects or ‘Overseas’ projects.  In this way parishioners exercise a choice over which projects to support.


There is a SCORE Committee which includes representatives from all of our churches and meets 4 times a year to consider requests for grants (see our Constitution).

An application for a grant can be made using the SCORE application form.


Grant applications are considered by the committee, using specific Grant Criteria.  


Broadly speaking projects fall into categories concerned with health, education, welfare, evangelisation and poverty. Rather than simply award funds, grants are made for specific projects, and organisations are expected to give feedback on their progress. Information about grants and projects is included in the newsletter, the website, a display and at the AGM to which all parishioners are invited








SCORE committee meetings:

Applications for grants should be submitted 2 weeks prior to committee meetings.


Monday 2 September 7.30 in St Osmund's Parish Rooms

Monday 2 December 7.30 in St Osmund's Parish Rooms


Monday 2 March 7pm in the St Osmund's Presbytery

Monday 11 May  7pm in the Parish Rooms followed by AGM at 7.30pm.

Monday 7 September  7pm in the Parish Rooms

Monday 7 December  7pm in the Parish Rooms


Dates for special SCORE collections 2019
(Usually 3rd Sunday of the month)

15 December   Home

Collection Dates for 2020

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